The Heschel Center Board of Directors

Tamir Nir – Chair

Rabbi Nir, a Heschel Fellows Program alumnus, a rabbi of the "Achva Ba'Kerem" congregation in Jerusalem, a member of the city council and former deputy director of the city of Jerusalem, holds a M.A. in Pluralistic Jewish Education, an architect and urban planner, a teacher and an educator.

Until recently he served as a member of the city council of Jerusalem from the "Jerusalemite" party where he held the transportation office and chaired the conservation committee. He is the founder and leader of the "Achva ba'Kerem" congregation, a community that promotes social responsibility, Jewish renaissance and social action. In the last decade, he led together with community members several initiatives for social and environmental change in Jerusalem and other cities. He is a facilitator and educator in the field of Jewish –environmental studies in pluralistic Jewish study halls (Beth Midrash), and mentors leaders and communities in the field of environment and sustainability. He established and managed the organization "Yeled Teva" (A child of nature) for 25 years that promotes nature education and environmental responsibility. Rabbi Tamir is married and has three children. He lives in Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem. 


esther akiva

Esther Akiva

Esther is a mother of 5, a member of Kibbutz Sa'ad in the Negev. Holds a B.A. in Public Policy and working to get her MA in Urban Planning. She established and managed one of the first local sustainability centers, a Heschel Center project, in the peripherial town of Netivot and created multi-sector partnerships to promote urabn sustainability awareness. She works as a consultant for strategic processes to build local spacial policy in the Negev.

Dan Grotsky

Dan Grotsky

serial entrepreneur, business development executive and Co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing at Groundwork BioAg, a company that produces mycorrhizal inoculants for commercial agriculture.

Prof. Nadav Davidovitch

 Is an associate professor of Health Systems Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  He earned both an MD degree and a PhD in the History of Science from Tel Aviv University.  Nadav specializes in epidemiology, and among his research interests are environmental health policy, health and immigration, complementary and alternative medicine in the US and Israel, and public health ethics.

Lehee Skular

Lehee Skular


Ronit Piso

A graduate of Heschel's Environmental Fellowship program, and a known environmental and social activist.  She formerly served as the Director of the Coalition for Public Health and is a leading figure in women's' health and human rights issues.

Yoki Gil   

Yoki is the founder and owner of Shoresh (Source) camping equipment and sandals.  This successful company, located in Tirat HaCarmel, has more than 200 local employees and was founded on the values of social and sustainable responsibility.  Five percent of all of the company’s profits go directly towards promoting local sustainability causes.  In 2011 Shoresh received the Green Globe Award, and in 2014 it received a prestigious award from the Worker’s Union of Northern Israel for leading businesses in social and environmental causes.  Yoki also volunteers as the Chairman of the Community Foundation of Tirat Ha-Carmel.

Elad Hochman

Elad is the director of Government and Public Policy at Green Course.  He holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Jewish History. 

Michal Sapir 

Michal serves on several directorates of public corporations.  She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions in Israel and abroad.  She received her MBA from NYU and is an alumnus of the prestigious Lahav training for members of Directorates at Tel Aviv University, and is also a graduate of the Heschel Center’s leadership program.  

Review Committee


Dr. Haim Glancer

Civil Engineer and Real Estate Appraiser MBA is involved in a host of environmental issues dealing with planning and building, lives in Savion

Dr. Nitzan Eyal   

Microbiologist and ecologist specializing in land bacterial pollution. Chief inspector and development manager in the Standards Institute in charge of environmental certification (ISO 14001, Israel Cert. 50001 Energy Management, Greenhouse gases Israel Cert. 1000) as well as overseeing indicators designed to track organizational function and resilience (Israel Cert. 24001).


The Heschel Center

The Heschel Center for Sustainability works to promote a sustainable Israel: a just and cohesive society, a robust and democratic economy, and a healthy and productive environment for all its residents, now and in the future.