The Optimism Project

Sustainability initiatives are abundant, but largely still "off the radar". Optimism and hope are viewed often as dwindling resources,  but in fact they are just the elements needed . More than ever  to counter the rampant pessimism by demonstrating "on the ground"   that a more  just and sustainable reality in Israel is not only  possible- it is already happening-  if  currently  only on a small scale.

In line with this, the Heschel Center launched the first Annual Optimism Report in 2015. This project takes a "glass half full" perspective to map out and highlight dozens of models of good practice of sustainability implemented through   economic, environmental, cultural and community initiatives around the country.  The project seeks to be a platform to showcase and support disruptive game changers and hope providing initiatives.

The  first Optimism Conference attended by over a hundred people, kicked off the Report. Buoyed by optimism it was a chance to meet and interact with the leaders behind the various initiatives.

Ongoing funding for this project  is still needed to publish a yearly report and annual gathering.

The Heschel Center

The Heschel Center for Sustainability works to promote a sustainable Israel: a just and cohesive society, a robust and democratic economy, and a healthy and productive environment for all its residents, now and in the future.