The Heschel Fellows Program

Bringing about effective change requires dedicated leadership. To that end, the flagship Sustainability Leadership Fellowship Program was established in 1999 order to develop a new generation of environmental leaders for Israel. It has already created a network of over 300 agents of change promoting sustainability in fields such as architecture and planning, agriculture, politics, health, business, media, government and education.

The Fellows Program reflects the multicultural character of Israeli society, including Jews and Arabs; religious and secular, residents of the center and the periphery. The huge success of the Fellows Program can be seen in its popularity and prestige, the eagerness of the graduates to participate in alumni activities and in the cumulative effects of its graduates' work in the field. This success is proof of our conviction that the most effective strategy for achieving social change is through investing in people, who can productively combine reflection and action.

The Fellows Program creates a space in which to delve into transformational interdisciplinary learning, networking and strategizing. Approximately 20 Fellows are trained every year as agents for change, and emerge at the end of the program informed, enriched and committed, with heightened awareness and dedication to sustainability issues in general and to implementing their personal projects in particular. The program persistently enlarges the growing circle of Friends of Heschel – sustainability leaders for Israel.

Stories about our alumni: 

  • Sharon Barak (cohort 18) is the founder of a bio-degradable plastic start-up. 
  • Think Globally act locally - Heschel Fellows Alumni run for seats in local municipalities. 
  • Dr. Dorit Adler (cohort 15) writes about the connection between climate change and food security.
  • Cohort 18 ends with plan for social change.
  • Rania Akel's (Cohort 16) project combines Art, Environment and Multicultural Coexistence
  • Victor Weis (Cohort 6) CEO of the Heschel Center shares his thoughts about Israel's growing populations.
  • More Stories Here.

Heschel Fellows Alumni (Page still in Construction!)

Cohort 1:


Ahuva Goren-Winsdor

An Environmental Psychologist. She is a social consultant to planning and design teams at municipalities, NGOs and Hi-Tech companies. Her work is focused on public participation in decision making and the improving design and planning to suit user needs. Over the past 20 years she has worked with the Ministry of the Environment, Tel Aviv-Yaffo Municipality (City Engineer Department), The Society for Preservation of Nature in Israel, the Jerusalem Foundation and the City of Jerusalem.

Nitzan Eyal

The chief inspector and development manager responsible for environmental certification at the Israeli Standards Institute.

Prof. Noga Kronfeld-Schor

The Chair of the School of Zoology and the head of the Ecological and Evolutionary Physiology Laboratory at Tel Aviv University. She is a Fulbright, Rothschild and Alon fellow, and a Gutwirth Research Prize winner. She published over 100 papers which were cited over 3000 times and mentored over 50 graduate students and post-docs. Her research focuses on mechanisms and adaptive significance of biological rhythms (both daily and annual), light pollution, and ecology of thermoregulation.

 Cohort 2:


Dr. Efraim Davidi

A lecturer and fellow researcher in Social and Labor History at Tel Aviv University; as well, he is a senior teacher at the Department for Social Work at Ben Gurion University in the Negev. Dr. Davidi fields of research and teaching are globalization, Israeli society and social movement’s history.

Dr. Daphna Goldman

Senior lecturer in the department of Environmental and Agricultural Studies at Beit Berl Academic College and teaches environmental education at the Porter School of Environmental Studies.

Michal Dayan 


A landscape architect and the founder of LandCare, an organization that does landscape planning with a focus on the environment and preserving the nature.

 Shuka –Yehoshua (Joshua) Glotman

A mixed-media artist including photography, experimental filmmaking, installation and text. Currently he is lecturing he Beer-Sheba University. He is a curator and a group facilitator specializing in facilitating discussion between Israelis and Palestinians.

 Cohort 3: 

Zivia Kay 

A visual ethics researcher and a senior lecturer at Bezalel academy in Jerusalem. Furthermore, she is an active designer at her own studio KUAH in Tel Aviv, which specializes in innovative civic strategies.

Ayelet Meiraz Ben-Ami The director of Integrated Industries in the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

 Cohort 4:


Noga Levtzion Nadan

A Landscape architect, economist and the CEO of Greeneye, responsible investment experts.


Gilad Ostrovski

 The Director of the Sustainability Division in the Misgav Regional Council.
Hannah Safran  A social activist on issues of feminism, struggle for peace and ending the occupation. She is involved in supporting rual communities in the Jordan Valley (Area C) under an occupation regime.

 Cohort 5:


Naomi Nimrod

 A teacher of creative writing for adults in pensioner organizations and a feminist activist.
The Heschel Center

The Heschel Center for Sustainability works to promote a sustainable Israel: a just and cohesive society, a robust and democratic economy, and a healthy and productive environment for all its residents, now and in the future.